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Trends for 2017

Every few years we continue to see new trends take hold in the paint world. The most noticeable trends focus around emerging colors and their respective pairings and combinations. The choice of color has a major impact on the feel of a room and understanding today’s new styles when selecting a color will go a long way towards modernizing a space.

tan new

Recently, the popularity of warm earth tones for homes, offices and businesses has gained momentum and popularity. Neutral greys and tans create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, while still giving an area an open and spacious feel. Another reason we’re seeing this neutral tone trend continue is that it gives you the long-term flexibility to accent any space with unlimited furnishing and appliance options.

grey 1

The kitchen has become a top space in the home for entertaining friends and family and is one of the most important focal points from a resale perspective. Many homes that were built in 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s featured oak to medium or dark wood cabinets. These medium brown tones can create a closed-in or dated feel in many kitchens. For homeowners that want to update their kitchen, but don’t want to tear out their solid wood cabinets, many are choosing to have their cabinets painted white as a lower cost solution. Refinishing a kitchen with white cabinets not only creates an updated look it also can give a more spacious and open feel. Below is a before and after pics of brown color cabinets painted white:


oak color cabinets


white painted cabinets

Another new defining accent color we’re seeing gain momentum in the market is Green. There are many different shades of green to work with. Green has become especially popular in retro style homes and, when paired with neutral earth tones as a foundation, different shades of green work very well in an accent color capacity.

green 1

These on-trend color shades also lend themselves well to both modern and traditional styling. This broad appeal will especially benefit the homeowner who may have plans to move in the near future, whereas dark or vivid colors can be polarizing to potential buyers. Having a solid understanding of today’s color trends will go a long way to ensure a successful and stylish house painting project.

green-color-wood trend

green 2


Creating a room with a unique and eye-catching feel can be a challenge if you’re not used to thinking outside of the proverbial design box. Traditionally, homeowners tend to follow the method of one room/one color when coming up with their design. However, if you’re looking to create a memorable, unique and visually pleasing feel for a room, there are many different techniques that can be used.

A great technique to spice up the appearance of a room is to paint one wall a different color from the rest of the walls in the room. Transitioning a one color room to a two tone room is an easy way to add some pop and update an area with minimal time and effort. The color difference can either be major or subtle depending on your personal preference. If you have a room with horizontal trim/molding or chair rails, this opens the option to go with a two tone wall which can add some nice depth as well.

Two Tone Wall Technique:

two toned walls

Another, albeit a slightly more creative technique to liven up a space, is painted white faux ceiling molding. This simple technique only requires the use of painter’s tape to create a white outline of a trim piece along the ceiling edge. Simply put down a strip (width based your preference) of painter’s tape on a white painted ceiling 3 to 4 inches away from the wall and have this run the entire perimeter of the ceiling. Next, select a color and paint the ceiling. Once completed, remove the painter’s tape and you will have a clean, white molding strip that adds depth and contrast to your desired room.

Moving to exterior painting, a great technique to improve the curb appeal and overall look of a home is to simply repaint the front door a bold, new color. One cannot overstate enough the importance a front door places on the appearance of a home. By refinishing a front door, you can dramatically improve the visual appeal of any building.

Bold Color Front Door:

Yellow Front Door

Red Painted Door

For home exteriors with exposed crawl spaces or foundations that can use a little polish, an easy technique is to paint these exposed masonry areas for a nice refresh. This can be done fairly quickly as cutting-in and taping off typically isn’t necessary for this type of project. You can use your existing home exterior accent colors as a reference to match.


Nursery Ideas

The days of basic blue nurseries for boys and pink nurseries for girls have begun to evolve into something much more visionary and developed. We’re beginning to see numerous homes with themed nursery rooms that exhibit a previously unseen amount of creativity and style. Many designs are so well thought out that they may make the parents wish they had a similar room of their own as a child. Some of the coolest room ideas are starting right in the kid’s bedrooms today. Decals play a big part to create many of the themed nursery rooms we’ve seen. If a parent wants to put in the time to create a cool room motif for their child, there are endless ways to go.

  • Decal tree designs
  • Decal mountain designs
  • Decal animal designs
  • Shadow box letters with lights (Initials)
  • Rustic woodland nursery with wood wall
  • Fabric bed canopy
  • Black and white prints of any preferred theme
  • Nautical themes
  • Astrology themes

Selecting a soft color scheme can also create a whimsical and relaxing atmosphere allowing a nursery to take on a life of its own.

Multiple Paper Colors